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Bridging the gap between idea and implementation

ATTO 3D was established with an ambition to take micro- and nanoscale manufacturing out of the cleanroom and into every lab and facility in desire of easy and accessible prototyping. Microscale 3D printing is currently affiliated with very high cost and inconvenient work environments. Through the ingenious inventions and smart modification of available technology, ATTO 3D has achieved high-resolution, large volume printing at an affordable cost. As if it was not enough, the ATTO 3D systems are smart and compact for simple plug-and-play at the disposal of any R&D department looking to implement microscale 3D printing to their production fleet. 

Our mission is defined through these small but important objects:

  • Democratization: Make micro-/nanoscale 3D printing available for everyone.
  • Customization: Meet the needs and demands for individual fields of use. 
  • Surpass expectation: Advance the current field of 2D and 3D fabrication. 

From a single lab prototype to global manufacturing, ATTO 3D desires to pioneer micro- and nanoscale manufacturing, enabling customizable fabrication in local facilities across the world. From near and far, this cross-disciplinary team, based in Denmark, Lyngby, has achieved what no one has successfully done before: Bringing nano-scale prototyping into the home of the users.

Award Winning Product

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From start-up cases to technology innovation challenges, our systems and ideas have been awarded and acknowledged for our potential to disrupt the high-resolution 3D printing market. Innovation starts at the technology, and for that you can read more here.

Our Team

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From research project to pioneering technology

The idea of ATTO 3D started at IDUN center of excellence at Technical University of Denmark. The founders were challenged to develop a system for local production of complex and versatile micro-containers for research conducted at the institute.

By reverse engineering optics devices, an idea took form. Using this accessible device to cross-link photopolymers (also called resins), creation of simple structures in micro-scale resolution is possible. The design was intended to save both time and money, making an affordable in-house system with high versatility, allowing for quick prototyping in normal lab conditions.
After years of intensive testing and optimization, a system capable of printing micro-and nanostructures in a cm-volume came to life. Knowing the capability and flexibility of the system, it was thought to be an idea too good not to bring to the rest of the world, and the endeavors of creating ATTO 3D started.

The name, Atto, is inspired from the unit prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of 10ˉ¹⁸. It is derived from the Danish word atten, meaning “eighteen”, acknowledging the Danish roots of the project. It is also a reference to the voxel volume of our novel 3D printing technology, achieving cubic attometer-scale voxel volume. This high-resolution, large-volume combination allows ATTO 3D to reach beyond what current prototyping technology has achieved so far – and even so with a simple and affordable approach.

At ATTO 3D we like to set high standards, and believe that only imagination is the limit. As a research based and technology driven team, we are always looking to learn. Communicating our technology to potential users and listen to ideas and suggestions are the way we believe most can be brought from our technology.